Guidelines & Terms of Business

Guide Lines and Terms of Business for placing and applying for advertisements on the Blooming Good Jobs website.

  1. Blooming Good Jobs reserves the right to refuse any advertisement for any reason.
  2. Blooming Good Jobs take absolutely no responsibility for the content of any advertisement placed on the website. Advertisement content is supplied wholly by the advertiser. We recommend that applicants verify all information contained in the advertisement before making any commitment whatsoever.
  3. Classified Advertisements are restricted to the advertising of one position only. References to other available vacancies within an advertisement will be removed.
  4. It is the responsibility of advertisers to include relevant contact instructions for applicants within the body of their advert, for example email address, and/or telephone number as appropriate. It is important that applicants follow these instructions when applying to any advertisement.
  5. Advertisements will be displayed for a period of 4 weeks. Due to website administration it is possible that advertisements may remain available on the website for a longer period. (It is the duty of the advertiser to advise Blooming Good Jobs if they require the advertisement to be removed at any time.)
  6. Advertisements must comply with all aspects of UK and International law. Advertisers shall ensure that all information that it provides, including but not limited to information related to vacancies to be advertised on the site, is accurate, does not contain any misleading items or misrepresentations, does not infringe any other person’s rights and does not breach any applicable law. Specifically, Employment Advertisements must comply with UK Equality and Employment legislation.
  7. Blooming Good Jobs will take all possible care to ensure that the website is available at all times, but will not be responsible for any time for which it is unavailable, whether due to telecommunications or internet failures or otherwise.
  8. Advertisements that contain offensive language and/or material will be refused. Users of the site shall not post or upload to the site any material nor use the site for the distribution of any material, which Blooming Good Jobs in its sole discretion considers offensive, immoral, abusive, indecent or otherwise undesirable and shall not use the Site or any information from them for spamming or any other purpose not approved by us.
  9. Blooming Good Jobs gives no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, in respect of any Applicant and accept no liability for any failure of an Applicant to perform or comply with their terms of employment or engagement, or for any loss, expense, damage or delay, however caused, arising from the introduction of the Applicant to the Client’s employment.
  10. Blooming Good Jobs is a job board that acts solely as a conduit for information relating to vacancies and candidates between employers and potential employees.
  11. All users are responsible for taking appropriate measures against the risks associated with using the internet, including viruses and other harmful mechanisms. Blooming Good Jobs will not be liable for any loss, damage or liability caused by any such item.
  12. Refund and Cancellation Policy: Blooming Good jobs will immediately refund any payment should an advertisement be cancelled within 1 hour of placement or in the unlikely event that, for any reason, the payment is taken erroneously.
  13. Currency Information: All transactions are accepted in GBP (Sterling). When a rate is quoted in other currencies it is an indicative rate only and you may be debited with a different amount as exchange rates fluctuate.

The placing of an advertisement or the use of the Blooming Good Job website in order to seek employment or employees signifies your acceptance of these terms.

Thank you for your compliance to these terms.